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Potentia is an entrepreneurially-led and positively disruptive HR & change consultancy. We believe that unlocking the potential of people-centric change, aligned to a compelling purpose, can inspire and unleash the passion of organisations, teams and individuals to drive business performance.

Potentia can help you define, discover and deliver your potential: that which is possible but not yet achieved!

People | Purpose

Passion | Performance

Working with Potentia

We believe in people-centric change as the key to unlocking the potential of organisations, teams and individuals, enabling them to step out of their comfort zone with confidence to thrive in the digital age.

We believe that creating a compelling sense of purpose is critical to organisation success. We talk as much about the ‘why’ as we do enabling the ‘what’ and the ‘how’.

We believe in harnessing the passion of authentic, human and empathetic leaders to inspire and engage their teams and communities to deliver greatness.

We believe in business performance that is driven by clarity, alignment, action and impact.



Transformational, purpose-led People, Culture & Change Executive

With a high impact record in a range of sectors in organisations of varying scales and with different operating models, including regulated financial services and technology firms, start-ups, global FTSE-businesses and high-growth, entrepreneurial, private equity-backed businesses, I’m ready to help unlock the potential of your organisation, your teams and your people.


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Impactful HR & Change Consultancy

With expertise in designing, leading and embedding agile and transformational change in complex global businesses, including people, culture and sustainability programmes, Potentia is ready to help you move at pace to take advantage of today’s opportunities.

With a passion for enabling purposeful, motivational and empowering leaders, Potentia combines high energy and focus to inspire and enable teams to drive sustainable business growth.

With an impactful track record, Potentia is ready to unlock the potential of organisations, teams and individuals to thrive in a digital world.

James Hartley


  • Deeply commercial and positively disruptive Chief People Officer & Transformation Leader with a focus on people solutions that deliver short term as well as sustainable mid-long term value.
  • Culture transformation specialist with an outstanding track record in the people, digital and process components of business change.
  • Focused on driving strategic outcomes that stick and prioritises the people agenda items that deliver the biggest returns for colleagues, customers and shareholders.
  • Increases organisational alignment and engagement and channels them to help companies go further faster with their strategic blueprints.
  • Purpose-led, progressive, outward-looking and inclusive leader who engages, inspires and creates followership to deliver lasting success.
  • A high-energy and compelling communicator who wins hearts and minds by connecting with people’s current reality and giving them hope for a better future.
  • A truly enterprise-wide leader who contributes to business success well beyond his functional role scope.
  • International outlook, global experience and highly culturally aware.

What We Do

Potentia, we know that every company and every situation is different, which is why our services are truly tailored to meet your goals. We take time to understand you as a human, you as a leader and the potential of your organisation and then design, deliver and embed impactful and sustainable solutions.

Creating iconic cultures that attract and retain the best has become a business imperative. Aligning individual, team and enterprise-wide goals to a clear and compelling purpose can help unlock potential. We can help engage, inspire and your colleagues to be their unique and brilliant best.

Whether it is coaching senior leaders or helping Executive teams understand and develop their effectiveness, whether it is developing an operating rhythm, facilitating an off-site or helping leaders communicate with clarity, empathy and conviction, Potentia can help unlock the potential of your people leaders to be authentic and effective.

Whether you need an extra pair of hands on an interim or project-based assignment, or whether you need to review the capacity, capability and set-up of your function, or whether you need to make your processes more principle based, we are here to help review and optimise your People function.

Working with your senior leaders, Potentia can help optimise your organisation effectiveness. Whether you are looking to enable growth, pivot the focus of your teams, drive performance or take cost out, we excel at linking your strategy goals to tangible and practical changes to your organisation. We can help facilitate business or functional transformation with a relentless focus on candid, people-centric change.